#78: Don't Play Private Games

Your correspondent reviews a recent break-even stretch. He then considers recent rumors of cheating in high-stakes private games and offers a simple solution: Stop playing private games, and come play poker at casinos instead. Finally, he reviews a recent 5/10 session.

0:58 Why we shouldn't assume downswings have obvious causes
1:34 Whiny bad-beat story: 5/5/10/20/40 KK on TT3rAx
3:26 Nearly a catastrophic punt: 5/10/20 AKcc on 543ssc9sss8ssss

9:37 Thoughts on Nik Airball's accusations against Mars
10:45 Don't play private games
12:19 *Do* play poker in casinos

15:13 5/10 NLHE session
16:07 KQss on 764hsh5ss4sss
18:48 AJdd on QT9rQx4
20:02 55 on Q52r7dd
21:48 KJo (no diamond) on K82ddd2x4x
23:38 QQ on 966r
25:26 Q9cc on 952sxs9xTsss
29:58 KThh on QT2hxh3x9x
31:50 QQ on 986cxc3x
40:22 KQo on KT4r9hhJx




Dec 06, 2023

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Charlie Wilmoth

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