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The Poker Coaches

Bart Hanson BW2

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

Professional Cash game trainer Bart Hanson has been producing strategy content for over fifteen years. He first started on Live at the Bike! back in 2005, then moved on to host "Cash Plays" on Poker Road, then "Deuce Plays" on Deuces Cracked and then to CrushLivePoker in 2012.
Nate3 BW1

N8Ball (Nate Schmitt)

NL coach. Training video and podcast contributor.

Playing in the Cincinatti area, Nate is a high volume 2/5+ NL crusher. He specializes in bringing you relatable strategy for adjusting to specific villian types along with mindset tips that directly apply to the low and mid stakes. He also hosts "N8Ball's Corner Pocket" strategy channel on Discord.
Goone BW

Marc "SquishmyTomato" Goone

NL coach. Training video contributor

Marc successfully went from playing poker as a hobby to becoming a top win-rate pro and coach in just a handful of years. The training content he produces is equally impressive as his rise up the stakes.
Wilmoth BW

Charlie Wilmoth

Host of Third Man Walking Podcast

Charlie Wilmoth is the creator of the Third Man Walking poker podcast which goes well beyond strategy covering poker culture and lifestyle topics. He's a 5/10+ NL crusher who plays mostly in the Los Angeles area.
Peter BW


NL coach. Training video contributor

Peter "StayinSchool" O'Neill is a Los Angeles based poker pro. He has been playing for profit and crushing the LA 5/10+ NL games for years. In his videos, he breaks down recently played hands for examples of how to adjust for opponent tendencies and implement exploits for max value.
Terp BW


PLO coach, podcaster and video maker

Ryan "TerpHimself" Terpstra has been playing live poker for 15 years around the Midwest and Las Vegas. A native of Michigan, Terp has been a regular in the 1-2-5, 2-5, and 5-10 PLO games from Detroit to Chicago. He currently plays poker 2-3 times per week as a "semi-pro", while maintaining a normal ...
David Tuchman BW

David Tuchman

Poker Pro and Commentator

For a decade, David Tuchman has excelled in LA's $5-$5 and $5-10 NL games, unrivalled in tilting opponents. He's the lead commentator for WSOP final tables, co-hosts "Live at the Bike," holds the industry record for hand commentaries, and frequently appears on the Crush Live Poker podcast.
Ki Lee

Ki Lee

NL coach and video maker

Ki Lee is a professional poker player in the Los Angeles area. He is now an active coach and content producer for CLP. Ki authored the Curriculum course "Fast Track Poker" where most beginners start on the site.


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