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About Founder Bart Hanson

In his career as a professional poker player, Bart Hanson has:

  • 6 WSOP Final Tables
  • Over 15 years of experience at the table
  • Over 1,000,000 in tournament earnings
  • Multiple appearances on ESPN and Poker Night in America
  • 4th place finish in 2019 WSOP Monster Stack
  • Hosted and Commented for Live At The Bike!


Listening and watching Bart Hanson's training material will improve your cash game abilities whether you are a beginner, trying to learn to beat small stakes, or an advanced player already beating the high stakes. Bart has an excellent ability to break down complex situations and make them understandable to everyone.

Jonathan Little

I went from a marginal winner at 1-2 to being a big winner at 5-5 and 5-10 (over $60,000 in one year playing just 2-3 nights a week). When my daughter was born I was able to leave my job to spend days with her while playing poker at night. I can't thank Bart enough for helping give me the opportunity to spend more time with my family.


Since joining CLP about a year ago, I have been playing 3/5 and making $55/hr. I have a full time job and play about 15 hrs per week. I have gone through all of the CLP podcasts and have gone back and listened to the first 100 or so for a second time. I can definitely say CrushLivePoker has changed my life.


During this short journey I went from a 2/5 win rate of $33.20/hr to $45.46/hr, a 37% increase in my hourly rate. More importantly, I have become extremely more confident and comfortable at the 2/5 level. The skill set from CLP improved my comfort level so much that I started to migrate to the 5/10 games.


For a recreational player like me, I found the site to be incredibly useful. The sheer amount of content and the way that it is organized makes the monthly subscription price an absolute steal for anyone that is serious about improving their game. CrushLivePoker is the only site that concentrates on the specific nuisances of live poker.

Geoff Lay is a great option for infusing both fundamentals and advanced plays for today's tougher no limit holdem cash games. Both amateurs and professionals alike will find the content to be refreshing and mind provoking to help you crush the games in your area.

Matt Affleck

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