Fast Track Poker

Fast Track Poker

These courses are designed to lay a technical and mathematical foundation for a fundamentally sound approach to no limit holdem poker.


Ki Lee

Ki Lee

NL coach and video maker

10 Modules
49 Lessons
11:50:28 hrs

Module one

Pre Flop

Comprehensive guide to preflop play

6 Lessons
1:06:30 hrs

Module two

Preflop 2.0

Overhaul of the preflop strategy to best combat the recent trends in NLHE. There has been extensive changes in 3 betting and other areas of the preflop game.

4 Lessons
55:34 min

Module three

Newest Ranges (Solved for Live!)

A walkthrough of the robust ranges in the CLP app "Solved for Live!"

10 Lessons
1:37:53 hrs

Module four

Basic Math

A 4-part series on basic poker math. Subjects explored include pot odds, ranges, combinations, blockers, and equity. Real-life hand examples are provided for actual application of the theory.

4 Lessons
55:12 min

Module five

Post Flop Fundamentals

In-depth look at post-flop fundamentals. Some of the concepts explored include, relative hand strength, ranges, balance, board textures, position, and much more.

4 Lessons
51:29 min

Module six

Flop Play

In depth look at Flop Play. Exploring playing the flop as the preflop raiser in single-raised pots, playing the flop in 3bet pots, playing the flop as the preflop caller.

3 Lessons
58:00 min

Module seven

Advanced Math

Exploring advanced poker math to solidify our technical foundation. Discussion of implied odds, SPR, EV, and indifference. The module will conclude with an example of applying the mathematical concepts discussed here in real life.

5 Lessons
51:14 min

Module eight

Turn Play

Detailed analysis of playing the turn in different configurations, and discussion of how the turn play fits into the wholistic postlfop strategy.

4 Lessons
49:42 min

Module nine

River Play

Introduction to river play and how it fits into the overall strategy. Recognizing good spots for triple barreling, knowing when to give up, and playing the river as the pre flop caller.

3 Lessons
55:49 min

Module ten

Putting It All Together (Hand History Review)

In this module, Ki Lee will go over hand histories in detail from a technical perspective. They will be examples of how to put together everything we learned in this curriculum and applying them in real life.

6 Lessons
2:49:05 hrs