#55: Finding Drama in Poker

Your correspondent ruminates on the way poker is used for dramatic purposes in books and movies, and contrasts that with the reality of winning in cash-game poker, which, if you're doing it right, isn't terribly dramatic. He then reviews an interesting but sometimes frustrating 5/10 session.

0:20 Your correspondent appears in a poker scene in a music video
3:25 Where does drama in poker come from, and how does the reality of poker conflict with traditional fictional narratives?
4:45 The plot arc of "Rounders," and some speculation about Mike McDermott's life since the end of the movie
7:54 Parallels between Mike McDermott's life and Daniel Negreanu's

12:15 Session review: 5/10 NLHE
14:30 A9ss on K52sss5x
17:40 44 on Q84dxd5xTx
22:25 AQo on 962rQdd2ddd
25:18 33 on 932hxh
27:03 ATdd 852xddTx
28:20 AA on A32ddxJx


Dec 21, 2022

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