#45: Two Strange 5/10 Sessions

Your correspondent recaps two 5/10 sessions on consecutive days, reviewing 15 hands, including four that fell within a single hour of poker that nearly broke his brain.

0:48 The effects of switching casinos

2:28 AA (no heart) on JT8r2hh7hhh

5:10 KdKx on J52ddx3x

8:17 KK (no diamond) on 732rJdd6x

11:16 KK on Q76rJssAx

13:12 KK (not a typo!) (and no spade) on AJ8sxs

16:08 QTo on T54r3ddQx

18:28 QQ preflop spot

19:22 AQdd on 554dhh2x

22:35 Session two (5/10 no limit)

22:53 AKo preflop spot

25:52 AKss on Q87xss

28:04 QJss on 522sxxKdd8x

30:32 QQ on Q43r5ss

33:58 87ss on JTTssx2sss8x

35:38 Q9hh on 887r6dd7x

38:42 54ss on 553xcc9x9ccc


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Jul 20, 2022

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Charlie Wilmoth

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