#85: Traveling and Running Bad

Your correspondent visits poker rooms in the Bay Area and Sacramento, folding flopped straights and finding ways to lose ridiculous amounts of money with ace-king. Along the way, he compares live poker in Los Angeles to poker elsewhere, and reflects on a recent bad run.


0:20 Traveling to Northern California
0:42 Poker in American cities that are not Los Angeles or Las Vegas
1:57 What it feels like to enter a new poker room

2:57 3/5/10 at Lucky Chances in San Francisco
3:35 K3hh on KT3ssxQdd
5:34 A9hh on AQ5xhh

8:03 1/3 with straddles at Capitol Casino in Sacramento
9:12 KQo on AJ8rTr3
11:57 J8dd on QT9ssd2x
15:00 AQcc on Q54ddx

16:50 2/5 at Thunder Valley, northeast of Sacramento
17:58 QsTx on AKJssxKxJx
19:05 AKo all-in preflop
21:02 AKdd all-in preflop
21:32 AKo all-in preflop (yes, all-in preflop with AK in three different hands)
22:38 QQ all-in preflop
23:32 77 on AQ7rKr9

25:16 General thoughts on running bad


Mar 20, 2024

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Charlie Wilmoth

Host of Third Man Walking Podcast