#60: The Strangeness of Straddles

Your correspondent discusses the weird tension between cooperation and competition in the negotiations of ongoing straddles in cash games. He then reviews two recent midstakes cash game sessions.

0:55 On straddling

9:05 5/5/10/(20) session no. 1
10:17 AA on AT7ddx6ddd
14:47 99 all-in preflop
18:06 KQo T65r6xT
22:44 AJcc on 983xhh4xKx

25:07 5/5/10/(20) session no. 2
25:15 64o on QQ7r47
27:41 KTss T65r6x
29:38 99 on J83r6ddJx
31:02 AJo on AJ3ccxKdd8x
32:00 KcKx on AT6ccc8x5x

34:00 Some quick thoughts on double-board PLO bomb pots

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Mar 01, 2023

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