#74: A Big Mistake in a Big Game

Your correspondent ties off some loose ends from the last episode about private games, sharing his own limited experience playing in them. He also reviews a session where he made a disastrous call.

0:55 Private games compared to home games
2:27 What are private games actually like?
6:35 My experience with a private game in a casino
9:18 What can be done about more and more games going private?

11:58 5/10/20 and 5/10/20/40 session
12:40 (at 5/10/20) AJdd on KJJ6r4
15:36 (at 5/10/20/40) AQo (no heart, no club) on A76hxhTccJx
23:53 A2o on A7778
25:25 AhKx on AK2xhh
27:20 AxKs all-in preflop



Oct 04, 2023

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Charlie Wilmoth

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