#59: Not Losing Versus Really Winning

Your correspondent answers some requests for elaboration on a tweet he recently wrote, leading to a wide-ranging discussion that covers the live mid-stakes poker ecosystem and the distinction between not losing and really winning in live public poker games. He also discusses the (dodgy) possibilities of playing in private games or collecting rake from those games.

0:22 The tweet in question, leading to a discussion about maximizing winnings in public casino games
3:49 Not losing versus really winning in live cash-game poker
6:42 Traveling pros as test cases
10:25 Private games

17:53 5/5/10 session review
18:16 8c8x on A76ccx5x
21:21 AsTc on AQ6ddx8x
23:39 KxJh on QT6hxxKhhThhh
26:30 AhKx on KJ4hhxAcc
30:09 KThh on Q62ccxKccc2x

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Feb 15, 2023

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