#42: New LATB Executive Producer’s Shady ‘Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist'

Your correspondent reviews new Live at the Bike executive producer Houston Curtis’ 2020 book Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist, which chronicles Curtis’ sketchy past as a card mechanic and as a player featured in the movie Molly’s Game. Then, your correspondent reviews an overbet bluff jam in a fun 5/10 session.

0:16 My leaving LATB and why I read this book

3:04 Houston Curtis’ bio

4:45 Curtis’ book Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist

5:54 Curtis’ cheating in an underground blackjack game

6:22 Deck-switching in an underground poker game

7:52 How Curtis got to play in Molly Bloom’s game

10:12 Curtis’ friendship with Russ Hamilton

12:52 Curtis’ arrest over debts with a casino

16:14 5/10 session review

16:23 74ss on 654r6dd

19:13 JJ on QQ78K

21:37 AcTx on T93ccc9x4cccc

24:25 AThh on 843hhx

26:17 Programming note

Cardplayer.com article naming Curtis and Rick Mahr as executive producers: https://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/26850-bally-s-interactive-announces-new-investment-in-popular-poker-stream

Kahnawake Gaming Commission report on Ultimate Bet cheating scandal that names the H_Curtis account: http://www.gamingcommission.ca/news/pr09112009a.pdf

PokerFraudAlert interview (relevant portion starts at around 1:34): https://pokerfuse.com/poker-podcasts/poker-fraud-alert/16998/


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Jun 01, 2022

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