#40: Cheating, Hidden Effects on Winrates, and a Tricky 5/10 Session

Your correspondent briefly discusses the series of cheating allegations tearing through the poker world. He then describes two hidden factors that can bring a live winrate down, before reviewing a 5/10 session full of tricky decisions.

0:27 Cheating
4:27 Two hidden factors that can affect a winrate
5:15 Rake
6:09 Pro playing an open-limp strategy from the small blind in a flat-drop game
7:44 Recs (correctly) adjusting to the loosest players
11:52 5/10 NLHE session
12:27 KK on K76r8ss4x
15:20 KK vs. AQ all-in preflop
16:11 Black QQ on 965rJhhJx
20:26 AThh on QJ8hxh5xQx
25:17 KcQx on QJ5cxcJx3x
27:48 Black AKo on KQ5hhx9hhh6x

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May 04, 2022

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Charlie Wilmoth

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