#58: Action Games in Texas

Your correspondent travels to play poker in San Antonio and a city where the game was so juicy he won't even tell you where it was. Along the way, he plays double-board PLO bomb pots, encounters novel local poker customs, and wonders whether pros have it all wrong about the best places to play public live poker games.

0:32 Los Angeles as compared to other poker towns
1:42 A wild game in a mystery city
4:39 How huge games can hide in plain sight
5:20 Poker in San Antonio

6:54 NLHE and double-board PLO bomb pots round by round
9:06 AAJ5 with A5ss. Top board: KQThhx9ccAccc. Bottom board: 532r6ss4sss
13:23 QJT4 with QJdd. Top board: KQ9ssx6x3x. Bottom board: A75ddx8xKddd

17:52 5/10 NLHE session
18:01 AKcc on QT3xxc9cc5ccc
20:24 AhKx on JT4hxh2hhh
22:07 AQcc on AJ2xcxQhhAx
24:17 QJhh on A86hhx2x7hhh

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Feb 01, 2023

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