#77: Challenges in Live Poker in the Next Decade

Your correspondent asks whether, in the next ten years, poker will get tougher at the same rate it has in the last ten. Then, he reviews a recent $10/$20/$40 session.

2:37 Vanessa Selbst (44) vs. Kevin MacPhee (A9o) in the 2012 EPT Main Event (Watch here: Venessa Selbst's Top Blow Ups)
6:10 How and why players will get better in the future
7:35 Why non-NLHE poker variants will continue to grow in importance

13:25 $10/$20/$40 NLHE session (and an explanation of the rules of the many sub-games we played)
16:20 Capped double-board PLO bomb pot: K764 on a top board of KK4 and a bottom board of JT3xhh
19:00 TT all-in preflop
19:56 TT (again) on 955r
24:13 99 all-in preflop
25:08 QTo on Q65rJssJx
26:50 Capped double-board PLO bomb pot: KKJ2 on a top board of T76xhh and a bottom board of AK3r
29:47 Q3cc on Q88ddc7cc5ccc
32:40 A3ss on K97sxx8ss
34:38 Q8dd preflop

Third Man Walking Episode 5, on the poker ecosystem and the rate at which it changes: https://crushlivepoker.com/podcasts/the-ecosystem

Third Man Walking Episode 51, which reviews hands from the 2003 WSOP Main Event: https://crushlivepoker.com/podcasts/getting-better-over-time



Nov 15, 2023

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