Seat selection

We all know that selecting the correct table can be paramount to maximizing your winrate but have you ever thought about...

Posted Apr 22, 2013


Bart Hanson

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

We all know that selecting the correct table can be paramount to maximizing your winrate but have you ever thought about your seat selection in terms of money? Sometimes where you position yourself at the table is actually more important than the table itself.

It's pretty obvious that it is easier to play against an aggressive player when in position (to his left). This is especially the case with deeper stacks where a skilled opponent can put you to the test with scare cards. This is even more true in game like PLO where the nuts can change on every street. However, there are other variables in the game that actually might make being to someone's right more beneficial. 

Let us say that someone is a habitual sleeper straddler or is opening a ton of hands. We have all seen these types before they are usually guys that are drinking or action fiends. In this case it can actually be beneficial to limp in with some premium and or medium strength hands in front of him to induce the raise and see what others will do behind him. It can also be very profitable to position yourself to the left of a loose opener and a habitual three-bet squeezer. You can literally print money by cold four betting. 

There are many examples of how certain seats will affect your winrate in different ways. If you pay attention to the many variables you will have a big advantage.

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