Seat changing

Many players get overly content when they are winning in a session. There maybe a lot of chips in front of you and somet...

Posted Aug 04, 2012


Bart Hanson

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

Many players get overly content when they are winning in a session. There maybe a lot of chips in front of you and sometimes it can be a pain to physically move. Do not fall into this trap. Do we not want to do things that will help us win more money? The minor inconvenience of moving can actually drastically increase your win rate.

Sitting to certain players’ right can be a big advantage. In fact, I like to have weak, passive players to my right as opposed to the more wild, aggressive ones. Some people like it the other way around. But I look at it like if I have a fit or fold player to my right I can constantly isolate them and I will then be printing money by using my positional advantage against their weaknesses. I think that people spend too much time trying to get to the left of aggressive opponents and do not spend enough effort extracting money from weaker players that we can get ourselves position on. A big chunk of my win rate is from attacking these less skilled opponents at the table not mixing it up with the better, aggressive players. I think that this concept is lost on a lot of people.

There are some opponents, though, that are so aggressive you want to be to their left because they make your life a living hell. This is especially the case against good, aggressive players in PLO. This is not a common occurrence, however, in the low to mid-stakes no-limit games. You really should concentrate on gaining position against the players that you think are the weakest at the table.

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