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This may seem relatively obvious but a lot of us, even those playing poker primarily for profit, do not play full time. ...

Posted Apr 23, 2014


Bart Hanson BW2

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

This may seem relatively obvious but a lot of us, even those playing poker primarily for profit, do not play full time. The longer you are around this game the more you realize that it is much healthier to diversify your time with other things and to play poker as a part time venture. I have had the opportunity to do a lot of private coaching and to start my own training site. I love the theory of poker and it keeps a good balance in my life plus prevents me from getting burnt out behind the table.

Since running has become almost a full time job for me I have had to divvy my time up between my business ventures and playing. Nowadays I try to get in three sessions a week for a total of twenty to twenty five hours and my goal for each month is to play 100 hours. Many of you are in similar time restrictive situations. If you have the flexibility to pick the times of the week to play and you can find the best times to do so you can drastically increase your profitability. This is very similar to game selecting the best tables. The simple fact of the matter is there are better times of the day to play than others and better days to play than others.

I personally take into account traffic patterns in Los Angeles, which is why I love to play on Sundays outside the football season. Sundays is literally the only day where traffic is light coming from where I live in the city towards the casino. And that extra forty-five minutes that I save is extra money in my pocket and less stress from sitting in traffic. The other times of the week that I go in are normally Friday and Saturday nights as expected although sometimes you will see me sneak in a morning session during the week if some of my scouts tell me that a game has been going over night. By the way this is another thing that players should actively work to improve upon—their game scouting abilities. You meet a lot of different people in the casino and it is relatively easy to start a tit for tat relationship and inform each other about what is going on in your local room so that you can plan out the best times to come in and play. When you have a limited schedule to put in sessions increasing your winrate by twenty to thirty percent based upon the quality of the games will quickly add up. Treat your poker playing like a business. It makes sense to do everything possible to add to your profitability.

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