#308: Introduction to Preflop Fundamentals

Introduction to Preflop Fundamentals
Introduction to the 5 part course on preflop fundamentals. Discussion of the
importance of preflop and how NLHE is about initiative and position.

Part 1 - Opening ranges
Strategy for playing preflop as RFI(Raise First In) and opening ranges from different

Part 2 - Responding to limpers
Strategy for punishing limpers. When to iso-raise vs over-limp. What range to
iso-raise with from different positions

Part 3 - Responding to opens
Strategy for playing vs someone else who already opened the pot. The importance of
playing less hands than the initial PFR. How to construct a range for continuing vs an
open from different positions

Part 4 - To 3bet or to flat?
Dividing our range into 3betting and flatting ranges when continuing vs a PFR.
Discussion of polarized vs linear 3betting ranges and how the 2 different 3betting
ranges work better in different configurations.

Part 5 - Responding to 3 bets
Finale of the 5-part preflop series. Discussion of how to respond to one of the most
difficult preflop spots in NLHE. Different factors to consider in determining what hands
to continue with in 3bets pots, and how to construct a proper 4betting range.

Jul 28, 2017

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Ki Lee

Ki Lee

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