#50: The Robbi vs. Garrett Poker Cheating Allegations

Your correspondent discusses last week's controversial Hustler Casino Live hand, in which Robbi Jade Lew called Garrett Adelstein's massive all-in with J4o on TT93chch, leading Adelstein to accuse her of cheating. He discusses
whether he thinks Robbi was cheating (maybe not?) and whether Garrett handled the situation well. In the second half, he reviews a recent 5/10 session that featured two especially difficult decisions in response to aggression from his opponents.

0:16 The J4o hand

20:15 5/10 NLHE session

20:27 AKo (red) on KQ8ssxJxQx

23:15 AQo (red) on AQ8rJss6x

24:54 AsKx on K94ssx

30:12 AcAh on 986dxd4ss5ddd


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Oct 05, 2022

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