#61: On Running It Twice

Your correspondent discusses running it twice -- what it does, whether it changes anything, and why it can lead to conflict in poker. He also reviews two recent 5/5/10 sessions.

0:19 On running it twice

12:14 5/5/10 session review
12:26 Q4o on AQ3ccxQxKx
14:42 K9ss on J32xssTx6sss
17:58 77 on 533rTx6
20:57 97cc on JT6ddc9dddAx

23:56 A second 5/5/10 session
24:00 TT on T95rQss7x
26:16 AcQx on KT8cxc
27:19 AQo on Q74rAhh
29:27 AKo on AAKr45
32:16 KdKx on 874dxd9ddd

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Mar 15, 2023

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Charlie Wilmoth

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