#51: Old cigars are the same as smoked swordfsh

In this episode Limon states that he is in a bit of a blasé state. His mental haziness then takes a call form a Calgary subscriber asking about an old, Cuban sealed box of cigars and whether or not they are still good. Limon fakes his way through the situation then calls in a real expert on high grade tobacco, the CLP administrator. He poo-poos the expert's opinion and compares an old, ratty cigar to smoked swordfish.

Limon then goes on to brag about a ridiculous "big bet O8 story" where he soul owned a pot vs 2 players in Big O with AA3KTQ on a 578r board and scooped because he was "playing the player". After this monstrosity of a hand he then discusses one of the least complex poker games in poker, limit holdem.

Jan 07, 2015

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The One and Only Abe "Limon"