#62: Good For the Game

Your correspondent reviews a portion of Nik Airball's recent interview with Doug Polk, in which Nik describes what it means to be "good for the game." Your correspondent discusses what being "good for the game" means in for the games he plays in and for the the lives he and other mid-stakes pros are trying to lead.

The Airball/Polk interview: https://www.youtube.com/live/WTFM_dEj_XU?feature=share&t=2773

0:17 On being good for the game

15:30 A brief recap of an annoying few weeks of poker
16:10 Mistaking variance for dynamics at the table that aren't actually there
17:20 JsJx on Q54rTss

21:46 Bad vibes in a 5/10 session
24:00 JdJx on J84xdd2ddd5x
25:21 AxKd on QQJr2dd9x
26:39 AQo on QTJrAx9
28:07 KK on 985cxcKdd
29:57 JJ (no diamond) on AQ4ddx5ddd2dddd
31:42 J9cc on KT6cxc3ccc9x


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Apr 05, 2023

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