#52: Double-Board PLO Bomb Pots, With Bart Hanson

Your correspondent discusses double-board PLO bomb pots with Crush Live Poker head honcho Bart Hanson, who helps him through two hands and explains core strategies for these sorts of pots.

3:02 Bart joins

12:29 $50 double-board PLO bomb pot, eight-handed. Hero has A753hhxx on the button

Flops 400: T32ccx, Q65hhx. Everyone checks

Turns 400: Accc, 7x. Everyone checks

Rivers 400: 8x, 2hhh. (So hero has aces and threes on the top board and the nut flush on the bottom board.) Small blind bets 300, big blind calls. It folds to hero, who raises to 1100.

29:14 $50 double-board PLO bomb pot, seven-handed. Hero has KJ74ddxd in the cutoff

Flops 350: 332xdd, A76ddd. Small blind bets 250, big blind calls. It folds to hero, who calls

Turn 1100: 2x, Jx. Small blind bets 800, big blind folds.


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Nov 02, 2022

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