#56: Don't Make It Worse

Your correspondent reviews two 5/10 sessions in the midst of an annoying downswing.

0:18 An extremely long metaphor about luck in poker
3:25 The venerable tradition of lying about your cards after you muck
5:17 Bad luck and downswinging

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8:00 5/10 NLHE session no. 1
8:09 JJ on T73cxcJx
9:46 A9o on 976r3cc5x
13:38 AKdd on 862ssxAsssKx
15:13 33 on Q43r6cc
17:31 JJ on AT6r
19:53 Q9o on JT8hxh

21:46 5/10 NLHE session no. 2
22:07 J5o on J52r9ccAccc
23:46 97dd on 984r3cc
25:47 AKo (red) 973ccx4dd
27:02 AQo (no clubs) AJ4r2cc7x
30:19 TsTx on 622ssx5x
32:48 AdQx Q63ddx4x2x


Jan 04, 2023

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Charlie Wilmoth

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