Seat changing in nitty games

Sometimes when a table is playing overly tight you have to make certain adjustments to increase your winrate. One of the...

Posted Aug 11, 2014


Bart Hanson

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

Sometimes when a table is playing overly tight you have to make certain adjustments to increase your winrate. One of the easiest things that you can do is move to a steal position versus some of the tighter players at the table. Some guys will not defend their blinds unless they have a relatively strong hand. And when the test of the table is playing tight and the hands are constantly getting folded to you this situation can be like printing money.

Even if the tighter player in the blind defends versus your preflop raise often times these types of opponents will play very fit or fold post flop. If you understand the good boards to bet and to continue bluffing on it really does not matter that they defend once and a while. It is a very profitable position to be in to have the betting lead and have position on a tight player.

In a game like $5-$5 where a top winrate might be $40-$50 an hour stealing the blinds from tight players once an hour can increase your winrate by as much as 20-25%. The art of stealing from the last few positions is somewhat lost on live players. If you look at online statistics you will find that the big winners have a relatively high steal rate. And if you were to also tell these players that suddenly their opponents in the blind would almost never three bet bluff to counter their steals than their steal rates would go up to close to 100%. If you are paying attention to how the tight players respond to late position raises you can increase the rate in which that you steal and thus make more money at the table.

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