Good nitty players are rare

We’ve all seen these types of players before. They show up to the casino early, grab a newspaper and drink a cup of coff...

Posted Mar 09, 2013


Bart Hanson

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

We’ve all seen these types of players before. They show up to the casino early, grab a newspaper and drink a cup of coffee at the table. Usually they are older players that have much more patience than their younger brethren. They are not at the casino to make big laydowns because they do not play many hands. Their preflop statistics may be similar to an online full ring player except that they limp a ton of their hands.

Now there is nothing wrong with playing a tighter style especially in full ring games. But if you want to be a consistent winner you sometimes have to find your fold button. These types of bad nits never do. These are the guys that you can set mine or call with suited connectors when deep enough because you can be rest assured that they are going to pay you off. To take a quote from the great Limon on 2+2 these players think that certain hands are “through tickets” and will rarely fold no matter what the action is in front of them.

These are the guys that I want to play against and if you can find them in deeper staked $5 blind games they can be an absolute gold mine. There is a reason why players like this will never be much more than break even or slightly losing. So the next time you want to walk away from what you feel to be a nitty table, remember, if you have patience, all you have to do is wait to make a hand because these types of players just will not fold.

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