#16: What is Useful Poker Information + DBL Board PLO Bomb Pots

This week Bart discusses skipping the Main Event for the first time in 15 years, and discusses what actually is useful information in poker and what is irrelevant. He also examines common mistakes in PLO double board Bomb Pots.

20:15 Hand 1:

Hero dealt Qh 9c 9d 8h from early position. $50 ante from everyone pot is $400 with $10k effective stacks

FLOP1: Js 8s 3s

FLOP2: 9c 6d 2h

EP bets $200, I call, CO calls. POT: $1000

TURN1: 2d

TURN2: 5h EP bets $900 and I fold.

28:35 Hand 2:

Hero dealt Ac Kh 2s 4h from EP.

FLOP1: 8c 5c 6d

FLOP2: 2d 2c 5h

I check, MP1 bets $300, call, call and I fold

Nov 03, 2021

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Bart Hanson

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