#15: Viva Live Poker

Your correspondent shares some details of the life he led before becoming a professional poker player, then recaps two big cash game sessions, $10/$20/$40 NLHE and $5/$10/$20 NLHE.

0:20 Introduction
1:57 A big hand from 2011: J4hh in a limped pot
7:37 $10/$20/$40 NLHE
8:57 Black KK vs. fun player
9:50 QQ vs a tight 3bettor
12:15 Big bluff with QdJx vs. fun player
15:28 A set of sixes vs. fun player
17:57 77 vs. another tight 3bettor
21:43 Crazy fold in a bizarre spot vs. unidentified opponent in $5/$10/$20

Dec 01, 2020

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Wilmoth BW

Charlie Wilmoth

Host of Third Man Walking Podcast

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