#28: The Live Poker Economy and Poker Vlogging, With Yale Greenfield

Yale Greenfield rejoins Third Man Walking to discuss the aftereffects of COVID on the poker economy; traveling to play poker in the Southwest; playing at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas; and his new vlog, LiveKingPoker.

Check out Yale's vlog: LiveKingPoker.com

0:52 Yale "LiveKingPoker" Greenfield
1:28 Traveling for poker
2:17 Did quarantine make you a better poker player?
5:25 Poker in Arizona, Las Vegas and LA
10:20 Post-COVID live poker games and how they're changing
17:20 Tournaments at the World Series of Poker
19:50 LiveKingPoker

24:11 5/10/20 NLHE cash session
25:04 ATcc in lojack on 966ddxTx
26:33 AJo in straddle on JT7hhxAx
28:03 65hh on button on QJThxx3hh
31:17 ATcc (again) in straddle on KJ9cxc8x
35:33 KK in cutoff on Q75r3ss
37:17 AKo (no hearts, no spades) in big blind on AT4hhs6ss
41:27 AKo (again) in straddle on JT5r

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Nov 02, 2021

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