#30: The Importance of Having a Plan

Your correspondent discusses why it's important to approach poker with a coherent strategy.

Dan Zack's tweet: twitter.com/Dan__Zack/status/1391133363067670530
Q9cc call-in to Bart Hanson's show: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7WAEQF2TsE

1:33 Why pros can win despite not necessarily being smarter than their opponents
5:22 QQ as a limp-call preflop and the expanding-brain meme
8:09 Humility and making the obvious play

9:24 5/10/20 session
10:00 QJo on button in $50 bomb pot on QJ7ccx
11:32 AA on button on J97rAdd
15:03 AKo UTG on KQ4r
17:49 AKo in hijack on AKJr
18:46 AKo in cutoff on 983r48
20:17 AKhh on 852hxhThhhJx

24:25 The consequences of "second-tier thinking"
30:11 GTO vs. exploitative

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Dec 07, 2021

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