#24: The Biggest Game of My Life

Your correspondent reviews the biggest session of his life, a 25/25/50/50/100 stream on Live at the Bike.

Here's the Live at the Bike stream: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DIOM13h7wk

1:16 Why poker is humbling
2:22 5/5/50/50 86dd on AA9xdd5x4ddd
5:58 Big hand, big pot rule

7:20 Session review: 25/25/50/50/100 on Live at the Bike
8:55 A6o in bomb pot on A64r42
10:37 K9hh straight flush on A7658xhhhh
14:39 K4o in bomb pot on KQ4hxhThhh2x
16:27 Ax7d in bomb pot on A32xddAdddTdddd
18:22 33 on 753hhh8x
19:13 K4o in bomb pot on KT2ccx2x4x
20:51 T4o in bomb pot on TT3rQhh

23:36 Tim Duncan poker
26:01 5/10 JJ on 443xhhKccAhhh

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Sep 07, 2021

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