#41: Self-Awareness in Poker and More on Cheating

Your correspondent discusses whether self-awareness is a good trait for a poker player, then connects that topic to the recent spate of cheating allegations in the high-stakes poker community. From there, he examines what, if anything, can be done. In the second half of the episode, your correspondent reviews a recent late-night 5/10 session.

0:33 Self-awareness
5:10 Is it good to be self-aware in poker?
9:15 Why poker resists introspection
10:14 Why someone might cheat
16:43 5/10 NL session
17:04 7d7x on Q75dxd
19:27 TT on AT6r8dd9x
21:19 JJ all-in preflop
23:30 AxJs on A87sxs9ddTddd
26:10 QcQx on J97cxcAx

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May 18, 2022

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