#54: Running a Poker Staking Business, With Marc Goone

Your correspondent talks with Crush Live Poker coach, Hustler Casino Live commentator and high-stakes poker pro Marc Goone about staking up-and-coming poker players.

2:10 Marc joins

2:39 What this business is and how it developed

3:32 Why do you back players, and how do you find the right players to back?

8:00 How do you prevent theft?

9:45 On finding players who don’t fit the typical demographic profile

13:23 What’s difficult about teaching poker, and what’s hardest to learn

15:28 On teaching players how to decide what pieces of information are most important

17:46 Getting students past the threshold of $50 per hour

19:41 How has teaching affected your own game?

20:46 What style of play do you teach, and why?

23:21 Has the stable been a good use of your time?

24:54 How do staking deals end?

29:39 Do you worry about doing harm to the live poker ecosystem?

The episode of the Grind mentioned in the intro: https://crushlivepoker.com/pod...

Marc Goone: http://twitter.com/marcgoone



Dec 07, 2022

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