#13: On Matt Berkey and Solve for Why

Your correspondent discusses one of poker's best-known players and the training site he helped found.

0:23 Introduction
4:10 Matt Berkey (T7dd) vs. Jack Laskey (AKo)
12:08 Berkey (KxQh) vs. Chris Konvalinka (J9hh)
18:07 Berkey and "Dead Money"
25:01 Solve for Why's podcast
28:39 Solve for Why's training videos
32:17 Berkey (K9cc) vs. Andrew Lichtenberger (QJo)
37:31 Berkey (QdTx) vs. Christian Soto (JxTd) and Piosolver (warning: a little bit technical!)
47:51 Conclusion

Oct 06, 2020

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Charlie Wilmoth

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