#37: On Having a Life Separate From Poker

The transition of Third Man Walking to Crush Live Poker will happen next episode, which will be released Wednesday, April 6.

0:18 Win rates and what stakes to play

4:15 High-stakes poker feels weird

7:17 Why I *need* high-stakes poker to feel weird

14:26 Why playing bigger games is hard

18:20 10/20 NLHE TT 5bet all-in preflop

20:36 20/40 NLHE AKo (no heart) on AQ6r2hh7hhh

22:27 AxKh on 822hhx4x

23:20 QQ on 662r9hh

25:18 AA on AK8r88

28:35 AxKh on J97hhhQxTx

29:56 KK on T75hxh5x6x

31:23 AQhh on Q87xdd


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Mar 15, 2022

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Charlie Wilmoth

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