#23: Normalize Calling the Clock

Your correspondent discusses a high-variance month of LA poker, then rants about why it's okay to call the clock. Finally, he reviews a swingy 5/10/20 session.

0:23 LA variance
0:59 AcAh on button on Q87xss4x9sss
4:24 QJdd on button on T64hddQhh7hhh
8:35 Unpleasantness at the table
10:14 Normalize calling the clock
19:17 5/10/20 No-limit hold-em session
19:58 88 in cutoff 998xhh7hhh2x
23:12 AA in cutoff on KQ227
25:15 A2o (no clubs) in middle position in bomb pot on 422xxx9cc5x
28:59 AA in hijack
30:15 86o (no spades) in hijack in bomb pot on 973ssxTx2x

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Aug 03, 2021

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