#18: Navigating the High Stakes, With Marc Goone

Rapper, YouTuber, Live at the Bike commentator and high-stakes crusher Marc Goone joins your correspondent to talk about what he likes and dislikes about big no-limit games.

0:18 Introduction
2:25 Marc Goone
3:50 "Seeing people as bags of money"
7:10 High-stakes politics
14:25 Competition and variance
20:55 Does poker have a low ceiling?
26:38 $5/$10 NL KTdd
40:20 Outdoor poker in LA
42:05 Session recap: $5/$10 NL

Check out Marc's YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/marcgoone

Here's the video we're talking about: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpct2yR3-ac

Marc's Twitter: twitter.com/marcgoone

My Twitter: twitter.com/ThirdWalking

Mar 02, 2021

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