#35: Multi-Way Pots and Funky Showdowns at 5/10

Your correspondent reviews a 5/10 session that includes plenty of tricky multi-way pots.

1:31 AdKx on AT9xdd
3:00 KK on KJ77A
5:08 KQo (no club) on K32xcc
7:23 KJo on 544rKdd2x
9:05 AK facing big blind 3bet and small blind 5bet jam
11:17 AKcc on Q55ddx3ddd
13:07 99 on 433ccxJhh5hhh
15:09 KQo (no diamond) Q62r7ddTddd

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Feb 15, 2022

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Wilmoth BW

Charlie Wilmoth

Host of Third Man Walking Podcast

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