#30: Missing a Good Bluff

This week Bart goes over a poorly played hand from his brief session at the Hustler Casino's $5/$5 game before he went on to do the Hustler Casino Live! commentary.


1. 5-5-$10 NL $1k effective +1 t $35 Hero in MP1 Qd Jd 3! to $115, call. Pot: $230

FLOP: 9d 5h 4c . x /$100 call. $430

TURN: 6h x/x

RIVER: 3s x and should I bet?

2. 5-5 NL at Hustler $1,000 Effective

One limp +1, I open Th 8h MP1 to $30.. SB to 3! to $90. Fold I call. POT: $190

FLOP: 7s 5s 4c .. SB bets $75, I call. $340

TURN: 2h x/x

RIVER: 5d x/x he wins w KQdd..

Feb 24, 2022

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