#3: Intro to PLO Double Board Bomb Pots

PLO Double Board Bomb Pots

Number one rule is to not get involved with trips only on one board, especially low ranked trips where an overfull can easily be possible.

Hand 1: Full Boat/trips
TOP: Q5J5dd

BOT: 9737c

Bart's Hand: 9d 9h 4c 6c.

I bet small on flop a few call. Turn I bet $50 into $125 fold one all-in $60, BB jams he has 9724 other guy AA85 I scoop +$200

Hand 2:
TOP: Kc Tc 5h 4h 7h

BOT: 6h 4d 4c 2h Qc

Bart's Hand -- 6d 6s Jh 2d

BB Hand: T473

HJ: KKxx

$10 ante x 9 is $90. HJ bets $25 I call 3 others call including the BB.

TURN: BB leads out for $215, fold HJ calls, I pot to $1080.. BB calls allin for $700 so about $750 on the side..

RIVER: guy checks I pot he folds.. I win side pot equity blasting

Aug 01, 2021

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