#21: How Big a Bankroll Do I Need?

Your correspondent discusses bankroll issues, then reviews a massive $5/$5/$50/$50 cash game session.

Note: This episode does not address the question of when to go pro, which lingers in the background of many questions about bankroll. I may address that topic in a future episode.

0:25 What bankroll do you need?
6:50 Shot-taking
9:30 Why getting better is the best way to address bankroll concerns
13:11 Live session review: $5/$5/$50/$50
15:48 AA in cutoff on Q7395
17:29 AA in hijack vs limp-3bettor
19:53 QQ in small blind vs. button 3bettor on K96ddx
21:47 AdKx in blinds vs. middle position and hijack on JT2ddxKx7x
24:36 T8hh in big blind vs. small blind and straddle on 865xxhTx8x

Jun 01, 2021

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Wilmoth BW

Charlie Wilmoth

Host of Third Man Walking Podcast

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