#11: Hands vs Rampage at $25-50-100 NL

Bart discusses a few hands that he played from last Saturday night vs vlogger Rampage on a $25-$50-$100 No Limit cash game at the Lodge in Austin.

Hand 1: Rampage Huge but then won after stream .. QQ vs JJ on QJ5Q3

And me BTW. I $(26k) open at 25-50-100 UTG $300 Ac Tc , Rampage (covers) 3! +1 to $1100, Bones ($17k) calls btn and I call. Pot: $3400

FLOP: Qh Jd 3h - I check Rampage $1100, Bones calls, I call. POT: $6700

TURN: Qc - I check rampage checks, Bones $3500, I fold, Rampage calls.

RIVER: 3c - Rampage checks Bones bets $8k, Rampage jams all-in, Bones calls. Rampage has QQ Bones w JJ.

Hand 2: vs Rampage Jc 9c

I open ($30k) Jc 9c btn $300 rampage 3! SB to $1500 I call. $3000.

FLOP: Qs Tc 7h - He bets $2k I call. $7000

TURN: 9s - x/x. $7000

RIVER: 8h - He bets $2300... my decision point.

Sep 29, 2021

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Bart Hanson

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