#22: Grinding in Texas

Your correspondent recaps a week of poker in Dallas. Along the way, he discusses double-board PLO bomb pots, the perils of facing unknown opponents, and the differences between typical games and games that are streamed.

1:00 The best aspects of Texas poker
2:07 Double-board PLO bomb pots
3:05 Double-board PLO bomb pot hand history

$5000 effective, $15 bomb pot
My hand: 7543xxss

Flop $120:
First board: Q98ssx
Second board: 763ssx
Checks to middle position, who bets $60. I call in position. Small blind calls

Turn $300:
First turn: 5s (Q98ssx5sss)
Second turn: 2x (763ssx2x)
Check. Middle position bets $180. I call. Small blind calls.

River $840:
First river: Qx (Q98ssx5sssQx)
Second River: Jx (763ssx2xJx)
Check. Middle position bets $650. I raise pot, which I believe is $2790, like a dum-dum. Small blind folds. Middle position goes all in. I call.

9:36 No-limit hold-em
10:14 AQo (no diamond) in big blind vs. button on K94ddx2x
12:28 77 in small blind vs. big blind on KJ7ssxQxJx
15:20 AKo (no club) in utg1 vs. small blind on 843ccxJcccAcccc
18:17 Why streamed games aren't typical

Jul 06, 2021

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