#7: Folding Bottom Set and Falling Asleep

00:20 -- Discussion of Travel to LA and Hustler Casino Live Commentary

07:05 -- WSOP Discussion .. Players now have vaccination requirement but not dealers??

12:17 -- Hustler Hand from Friday Night 5/10/20 $2500 effective

6 handed CO (guy with baccarat chips) opens to $60, SB calls. I call in Straddle w 3s 3h. $180

FLOP: Tc 8d 3c checked through.

TURN: Jh SB checks, I bet $130, fold, SB calls. Pot $450

RIVER: Kh. SB checks, I bet $275.. SB check raises to $1075 total, so $800 more to call.

QUESTION: In which position is the villain stronger here, if he had called on the button with the same action and raised the river or where he is by check raising in the small blind?

Sep 01, 2021

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