#81: Filtering Poker Advice

Your correspondent discusses how to filter poker strategy advice -- which advice should be ignored and which is worth taking? How can you tell them apart, and when should you feel satisfied with uncertainty?


0:16 How do you find good advice in poker?

12:47 5/10 NLHE session
12:56 AKss all-in preflop
14:04 QJss 4bet preflop
15:29 AQss on AT5r3dd4x
17:42 JTcc on 942xxc9x
19:03 AJo on A84ssxJx8x
21:15 QQ on KQ9J7
23:46 QQ (again) on K75ddxKcc7x
26:37 JJ all-in preflop
33:01 Jackpot hand!

Sabrina Chevannes' tweet: https://twitter.com/SChevannes/status/1745567657741402482

Persuadeo's essay: https://persuadeo.nl/a-brief-word-on-learning-poker-or-anything/

I didn't credit them in the podcast itself, but some of my thoughts on solvers are pretty similar to Marc Goone and Gethen Jacobs', which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vXh6ZhcL90



Jan 17, 2024

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