#46: Fighting Against Ourselves

Your correspondent fights against his default tendency to play poker too cautiously, especially in double-board bomb pots and bounty games. He also reviews a 5/10 session in which he develops unusual dynamics with his opponents.

1:19 "Natural" talent in sports and poker

4:00 How studying poker can make us play it less distinctively

7:42 How we can improve at poker by fighting against our default tendencies

9:06 My difficulties with double-board hold-em bomb pots, double-board PLO bomb pots, and bounties

16:50 5/10 NLHE session

17:06 QQ on JT5r4rQ

22:15 KJss on KJ5r2hh

26:45 JJ on AT7r6ss

28:13 98o T99rKK

30:40 QThh on J22hhxTdd4hhh

32:38 A9hh all-in preflop


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Aug 03, 2022

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Charlie Wilmoth

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