#6: Continuation Betting in 3 bet Pots Understanding Volume Betting

0:00:05 -- Bart discusses his history of live stream cash game commentary then discusses his schedule and the fact that he will be commentating on Hustler Casino live on Aug 27th, Sept 3rd and Sept 24th on the Friday night big game.

0:05:45 -- Bart discusses his approach to continuation betting in three bet pots and examines the newer school thought of "volume" betting

HAND EXAMPLE: $2k effective $1/$3 NL "Match the Stack"

MP raises to $15, Hero in CO 3! JJ to $55, MP calls.

FLOP: Ad Qc 4s MP checks, Hero checks.
TURN: 8h MP bets $30, Hero calls.

RIVER: Kd MP bets $105, Hero raises to $405??

  • 2 flush boards -- sometimes check back but when you have the front door card in your hand. On AQ4 the JJ or KK checked back is with the suit 85/15 with the front door no backdoor
  • Volume bet on 922r is 60% large, 33% check. On two flush boards 51/23/26

Aug 25, 2021

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