#19: Black Betting and Thin Flush Value

This week Bart takes a look at some special situations where block betting the river from up front may be the correct play and breaks down a super thin value bet he recently made demonstrating the importance of proper flush hand reading on 4 flush runouts.

Hand 1 Bart's Qh 9d Hand at 1:48:00 of Lodge Live stream from Nov 27th


Bart opens HJ Qh 9d $75, Jwin calls, CO (9.4k eff) $190

FLOP: Ad 7d 6s -Bart bets $100, call. $390

TURN: Qd x/x $390

RIVER: Td Bart bets $200.. could the alternative be a block to induce a raise if the Kd is rarely possible in our opponents' hand?

Dec 04, 2021

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Bart Hanson BW2

Bart Hanson

Owner and Lead Pro

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