#34: A Fresh Look at the Live Poker Ecosystem

Your correspondent reexamines the live poker economy, then reviews a swingy 5/10 session.

1:17 The effects of rake
3:42 Hypothetical hand: AA on A74ddx4ddd
5:13 The effects of tighter games
6:25 Live poker vs. online poker
8:48 The effects of poker vlogs
10:57 The effects of pros, especially international pros
12:47 The emergence of live poker markets throughout the US

14:23 5/10 NLHE session
16:23 KcKx on Q84ccxThh6ccc
19:37 AA no clubs on K94xcc
22:10 AsKx on K52xss7x6sss
23:24 AQo no diamonds on A83xdd7cc9x
25:16 ATo on QTXT
27:57 QQ on A33TJ
29:11 KxJc on QT9xccTx6ccc
31:18 JTss on K96sss7xTx

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Feb 01, 2022

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Wilmoth BW

Charlie Wilmoth

Host of Third Man Walking Podcast

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