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  • Latrell1515
    I really appreciate the feedback with my Quad hands and the way you explained it makes the most sense all the way around-I come from a Tourney Background and have just this past year seriously gotten into cash..I really like your posts, comments that I have read and my aggressive level needs to be turned up. Thx again!
    January 2016
    • workinghard
      Thanks for the props. I try to be honest and clear with my thoughts. I'm not always "right" per say but I do my best. Best of luck making the transition.
  • workinghard commented on the "Humble Beginnings...Again" article.
    March 2015
  • workinghard posted the "This is where I'm at" article.
    March 2015
  • DonkieRon
    Where do you live and play? Doing this long term has not been a walk in the park for me. However, I have grown to tolerate poker at best. The ups and downs can lead to mood changes and forms of depression that I wish I was strong enough to avoid. Good luck with your quest and run good. Fwiw you can run real bad in this game for a longer period of time than you think is possible. So be prepared for that diabolical run bad and during the run bad you will wish you had a job to fall back on and take a break from poker for income.
    July 2014
    • COPE
      Isn't that the truth. I am hopefully just now emerging from over 2 years of run bad that I did not know were possible. By run bad, I don't mean losing when my opponent is 35% to win. I mean consistently losing when my opponent is less than 10% to win. But this last two years has caused me to work on my game like never before. Instead of thinking about the beat I just took, I will now take a walk and make sure there was not a better way I could have played the hand. This quickly pulls my thoughts away from the negativity of bad variance. Nowadays when I just run normal, I feel like I'm unstoppable! (Exaggeration of course, but it's how I feel)
    • workinghard
      I play in WA state at muckleshoot casino primarily. Certainly it's wise to be thinking of alternative money sources. Leaving my job to play poker will not be somethign I do lightly.