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  • calling with hands like thiss make it really difficult to have a nut draw. all your straight draws are vulnerable. you have 4 low cards and thats about it. save a flop of A2 (3,4,5 or6) what flops are you hoping to see? dangererous and really b…
  • ever had a hand where in hindsight you see it pefectly so you wonder why in the moment you do the opposite? just read the entire epic limon thread n 2 p 2 and im taking some time off to really focus on my company...which is booming right now im tha…
  • he was definitely drunk...not hammered tho. he was having a good time talking it up but went quiet on the flop...didnt say a word froze up and started breathing heavy. my post hand analysis is this. aj beats me kj beats me 66 beats me. j9 beats …
  • if he calls turn...and nothing changes on river thenbet fold river as wel l correct? ty for your help cant remember it was red A because the board was monochrome...pretty sure Ah
  • Brudre21 said I am curious as to how the members of this site study the game. I recently started to listen to Bart's podcasts, and read books the forums, and try to post when I think I have something to say. What else are you guys doing to impro…
  • oops notes were wrong $74 Stacks me like $450 or $500 I have him covered this session he seemed to call alot but there was a maniac at the table he had already lost two big pots to after ridiculous beats and was steaming a bit at least he looked …
  • i raise them more. period. i make moves whenever possible. the good ones put me in my place. honest and not double entendre
  • The reason I posted this hand is I think it's a huge leak for me. fd with a pair...I. [email protected] got it in here so many times when stacks are around the 100BB level.. it just seems unnecessary. I always tell myself I'm not folding so why not jam it. …